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'B' Girls, The(Damn) This Desert Air(DIY), Grinder
(PUNK), Anthrax(Punk), Beans... And The Hangnails
[Finland], Stalin[Japan], Crow[Punk], Interiors
[Punk], Shock1, Part101'ers
15, MG180, JJ1984, A.D.
1st Offence2-3324
4, Channel4-SKINS47, Mob
7 Seconds7 Year Bitch83, Kriminela
999A Giant DogA Secret Society
A Skylit DriveA's, TheA.K.A.s, The
Abe VigodaAbove ThemAbrasive Wheels
Abs, TheAbscessAbwärts
Academy Is..., TheAccessAces, The (80s)
Ackermans, TheAcme AttractionsActifed
Action PactActual, TheAdam & The Ants
AdictsAdolescentsAdult Net
Adventures [Emo]AdversityAdverts, The
AfflictedAfrika Korps, TheAfterparty, The
Against Me!Age Of KaliAgent Orange
AgitpopAgnostic FrontAgony Bag
Agony, InstantAgoraphobic NosebleedAirmail
AJJAlbertine, VivAlcoa
Alice DonutAlice, WolfAll
All Pigs Must DieAlley Cats, TheAlmighty Defenders, The
Alpha & OmegaAlpha Male Tea PartyAltered Sky
AlternativeAlternative TentaclesAlternators, The
AmbitionsAmerican Ruse, TheAmerican Scene, The
Amity Affliction, TheAmyl And The SniffersAnd The Native Hipsters
Andrews, BarryAndy Human And The ReptoidsAngelic Upstarts
Angels, FallenAngry MindedAngry Samoans
AnhrefnAnother Pretty FaceAnt, Adam
Anthrax (UK)Anti-CimexAnti-establishment
Anti-FlagAnti-Nowhere LeagueAnti-Pasti
AntisectAntiseenAnxiety, Annie
Apostles (Punk), TheArbor Labor UnionArchie & The Bunkers
ArchitectsArcwelderArmoury Show, The
Arms, CrazyArt Attacks, TheArthurs, Andy
Article 58As Everything UnfoldsAs Friends Rust
As It IsAscended DeadAsphalt Jungle
AssfortAssückAsta Kask
AstpaiAstroid BoysAstronauts, The (Punk)
AsylumAtlantic ThrillsAtoms, The
Attack In BlackAttempted MoustacheAttrix
Au PairsAustralian CrawlAutomatics
Avant GardenerAvant Gardeners, TheAvengers, The
Avocados, TheAwaken DemonsAxewound
B.S.Bad BrainsBad Breeding
Bad CaesarBad Cop/Bad CopBad Daddies
Bad Dress SenseBad Karma BeckonsBadowski, Henry
Bags (Punk), TheBalance And ComposureBaloney Heads
Band Of Holy JoyBaneBane, Honey
Banger, EdBangersBanned, The
Barbed WireBarber, FrankBarflies
Bargy, ArgyBaronessBarrett, Wild Willy
Bastards, TheBastionsBates
Bators, StivBattalion Of SaintsBattle Of Disarm
BaysideBeach SlangBeans On Toast
BearsBears, TheBeartooth
BeastBeastmilkBeats, Dead
Bedrin Daddys, TheBee Bee CeeBeer, Mark
Being As An OceanBengt, ProtesBent Life
Berthold CityBet Lynch's LegsBeth, Jehnny
Better Than A ThousandBewitchedBeyond
BiffersBig Audio DynamiteBig Brave
Big BusinessBig HairBIG Heat
Big In JapanBill Mason BandBilly Karloff Band
BinboyBitter EndBitter End (Hardcore)
Bizarros, TheBl'astBl'ast!
Black EyesBlack FlagBlack Pacific, The
Black PeaksBlack RandyBlack Tusk
Blacklight ChameleonsBlackout Argument, TheBlade, Andy
Blanck MassBlassie, FreddieBlatz
Blazing EyeBleachedBleak Reality
Bled, TheBlegvad, PeterBlind Idiot God
Blinders, TheBlitzBlitzkrieg
Blockheads, TheBlondieBlood Brothers (Rock)
Blood UnclesBlood, TheBlubber
Blue Ontario, TheBlue SteamBlunt
Blunt InstrumentBlyth PowerBoa, Phillip & The Voodoo Club
Bob TiltonBob VylanBobby Peru
Böhn LegionBoisterousBollock Brothers, The
Bolsheviks, TheBombpops, TheBombshells, The
Bond, PJBondage, BekiBoneless Ones, The
Boomtown Rats, TheBotchBow Wow Wow
Boys, BigBoys, The (Punk)Brainbox (Rock)
Bram TchaikovskyBrambillaBratmobile
Brats, TheBreak AwayBreakdown
Breaking PointBrenda & The RattlesnakesBrian Brain
BrigandageBright Calm BlueBrix
Broadway CallsBroccoliBroken Bones
Broken TeethBrood, HermanBrotherhood Of The Lake
Brutality Will PrevailBuck-O-NineBucket Full Of Teeth
BullyBunk DoggerBunnydrums
Burnel, Jean JacquesBush TetrasBusiness (Power Pop), The
Business, TheButler, RichardBuzzcocks
CabbageCadaveric FumesCadillac, Vince
Call Girls, TheCamberCamera Obscura (Punk)
Cancer BatsCanis MajorCanterbury
CapsizeCapstanCaptain Sensible
Carbon / SiliconCarnationCaroline K
Carpettes, TheCarrasco, Joe "King"Carrion Spring
Carson WellsCash PussiesCasket Lottery, The
Casualties, CapitalistCasualties, TheCatheters, The
CBICease To ExistCelebrity Skin
Celeste (Metal)Celia & The MutationsCenturies
Ceramic HobsCerebral BallzyCervenka, Exene
Chain GangChalk CircleChamberlain
Changed, ShortChannel 3Channel Three
Chaos U.K.Chaotic DischordCharge
Chariot, TheCharta 77Chats, The
Cheetah ChromeChelseaChemical People
Cherry VanillaChildren Of FallChildren, Dooms
Chin-ChinChina StreetChocolate
ChorchazadeChrist On ParadeChristie Front Drive
Chthe'ilistChubby And The GangChumley
Chumps, TheChunk! No, Captain ChunkChurch Girls
Cigarettes, TheCinch, TheCinecyde
Circa SurviveCircuitsCircus In Reverse
City Of CaterpillarClairmelClash
Clash, JohnnyClass WarClassics, Minor
CloakroomClub, HotClutch
Cobra StarshipCockney RejectsCode Orange
Coffin RotCoffinsCoke Bust
Cold DanceCold WorldColdburn
ColiseumColourColt Seaver
Combat 84Comets On FireComidas, China
CommendablesComputers, TheConflict
ConstrictedCooper Clarke, JohnCornwell, Hugh
Corpse Grinders (Punk)CorrectionCortinas, The
Corvettes, TheCosmic PsychosCosmic Thoughts
Costello, ElvisCouch FlambeauCounterfeit.
CounterpartsCounty Wayne & Electric ChairsCounty, Jayne
Coward BrothersCowboy KillersCows
Crack, TheCrackousrockanrollCraft (Metal)
Cramps, TheCrassCrazy Arm
Crazy Pink RevolversCreatures, TheCreep Show
Crime In StereoCrisisCrisis, Reality
CristinaCro-MagsCrocodile Tears
Cross MeCross My HeartCrow People
CrucifixCrucifucks, TheCruel Hand
Cruella De VilleCruxCuddly Toys
Culbertson, CliveCult LeaderCult Maniax, The
CultureCulture ShockCunts
Cut-Outs, TheCute Is What We Aim ForCyanide
Cyanide PillsCybermen, TheCymbals
Dad PunchersDag NastyDahl Band, Jeff
Dakka Dakka DakkaDalek IDamage (Punk)
Damnation, ArgueDamnedDance, Digital
DangersDansette DamageDark Ages
Dark, TheDarkest HourDaughters
Dave Warner's From The SuburbsDavid & SylvainDay Of The Dead
Dazzlers, TheDazzling KillmenDead Beats (Punk)
Dead BoysDead ChannelsDead Cross
Dead End KidsDead Fingers TalkDead Kennedys
Dead Mans ShadowDead Milkmen, TheDead Neighbours
Dead reckoningDead Red SeaDead Styler
Dead SwansDeadbeats, TheDeadheads
DeadlineDeaf Aids, TheDeaf Wish
Dear Hunter, TheDeath By StereoDeath Is Not Glamorous
Death PillDeath Set, TheDecadent Few
DecapitatedDecay, MetroDeeCracks
Deep ThroatsDeez NutsDefeater
DefectorDefects, TheDeformities, Genital
Delta 72, TheDelta FiveDemics, The
DemobDemon PreacherDenizens
Department SDepravedDepressions, The
Der Durstige MannDerelicts, TheDescendents
Description, BeyondDesperate Bicycles, TheDestri, Donna
Destroy All MonstersDestruction UnitDestructors
Deviants, TheDeviated InstinctDevil Makes Three, The
Devil Wears Prada, TheDeVille, WillyDevils Brigade
DevoDials, TheDiamond Youth
DickiesDicksDie ÄRzte
Die Electric EelsDie Roten RosenDie Toten Hosen
Diet Of WormsDiggle, Steve`Diiv
Dils, TheDiodesDiodes, The
DirtDirtbombs, TheDirty Dog
DiscardDisco Bros, TheDisco Zombies, The
DisruptDissentDisturbed [70s]
Divine HorsemenDivisiaDMD
Doctor And The CrippensDoctor BisonDoctor Mix And The Remix
Doctors Of MadnessDodgems, TheDog Faced Hermans
Dog On A RopeDogsDole, The
Doll, TheDolly MixtureDonkeys, The
DoomDoomridersDoor And The Window, The
DormannuDouglasDowling Poole
Down By LawDownsetDowntown Boys
DP's, TheDragons (French Punk)Dragsters
DrainDrawstringDream (80S), The
Dreamboys, TheDreamcrashDressmaker
Drinking ElectricityDronesDrones
DropendDropkick MurphysDrug Church
Drug Squad, TheDu BlondeDu$t, Angel
Dub WarDucking PunchesDudman
Duet EmmoDuggie Briggs Band, TheDukes Of Stratosphear, The
DungenDurutti Column, TheDury, Ian
Dyke DramaEagullsEarly Grace
Earth CrisisEarthbound (Prog)East Bay Ray
Easter, BlackEaterEclipse
Eddie And The Hot RodsEffect, DominoEgo Trip
Eight Rounds RapidEksen Trick Brick BandElectric Callboy
Electric DoghouseElectric Eels, TheElectro Hippies
ElemaeElement Of Crime, TheElliott
Elton MotelloEmbrace (Punk)Embrace, In
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)Employed To ServeEnabler
ENDEnemy (80S/Punk), TheEnglish Boys
English DogsEngraveEnoch Ardon
EnsignEpileptics, TheErazerhead
Ernst And The Edsholm RebelsERRAErsatz
Escalators, TheEskorbutoEve 6
Evening Outs, TheEvens, TheEvolution So Far
Ex PistolsEx Post FactoEx, The
ExcruciationExecute, TheExecutive Slacks
ExecutivesExile, TheExits, The
Expelled, TheExpendables, TheExpire
Exploding SeagullsExploding White MiceExploited, The
Explosion, TheExplosives, TheExquisites, The
Extreme Noise TerrorExtremityEyes (Punk)
F.O.BFace The FrontFace To Face (90s Rock)
Faceless BurialFactory, StrangeFailsafe For Tomorrow
FallFallen Leaves, TheFallout
Fans (UK), TheFans, TheFarside
Fartz, TheFascinatorsFashion, The
Fat And FranticFat White FamilyFatal Charm, The
Fatal MicrobesFatty Cakes & Puff PastriesFavez
FearFearless Iranians From HellFeedtime
Ferris, SaveFeverdreamFiddlehead
Fidelity JonesFidlarFifth Column
Fifth Hour HeroFight, TheFilth Is Eternal
Final RageFiner, JemFinger
Finks, TightFire & IceFire Dept., The
Fire PartyFire Still Burns, TheFirst Steps, The
FishwifeFist CityFits, The
Fitz Of DepressionFitzgerald, PatrikFiya
Flag Of ConvenienceFlashcubes, TheFlat Worms
Flatbackers, TheFlatliners, TheFlesh Eaters The
FlipperFlowers In The DustbinFlowers, Persian
FlufFlux Of Pink IndiansFly On The Wall
Flyin' Spiderz, TheFlysFlyscreen
FlyswatterFocused MindsFodder, Family
Foetus (+incarnations of)Foffo SpearjigFold, The
Fontaines D.C.For Carnation, TheForced Order
Forever Came CallingForever The Sickest KidsFORGODSAKE
Form, TheFour Be TwoFour Year Strong
Four, MajesticFrail BodyFramed
Frames (Punk), TheFrameworksFrank Carter & The Rattlesnake
Frank, StanleyFrankenstein Drag Queens...Franklin Lakes
Frantic Elevators, TheFree AgentsFree French, The
Free WillFreedomFreewill
Freeze (Punk), TheFreeze (UK), TheFreeze, The
Frenzy (Pop)Freshes, TheFreshies, The
Front Bottoms, TheFrontlineFruit Eating Bears, The
Frumpies, TheFucked And BoundFucked Up
Full Of HellFun 4Funeral Party
Furies, FulhamFuryFutura 2000
Future BodiesFuzeG.B.H.
GagGalen & PaulGallery 47
GallowsGang Of FourGardez Darkx
Geldof, BobGemageGen, Chron
Generation XGenius FreakGenocide Pact
Geraldine FibbersGerms, TheGerry & The Holograms
GG Allin & The ScumfucsGhost Inside, TheGhost Of Lemora, The
Ghost, HolaGiantkillerGibson Bros
Gilbert & LewisGilbert, BruceGinn, Greg
Girl BandGirl Of My Best FriendGirlpool
Girls At Our BestGits, TheGlass And Ashes
Glass TorpedoesGlass TorpedosGloom
GnarwolvesGoats Of DoomGOD
God's Heart AttackGoing OffGoing Red
Going Red?Gold BladeGolden Triangle
Goldman, VivienGolinski Brothers, TheGonads, The
GoneGone To WasteGood Clean Fun
Good Missionaries, TheGoodman, Dave & FriendsGordon The Moron
Gore Beyond NecropsyGorilla BiscuitsGorillas, The
GospelGouge AwayGovernment Issue
Grave, UnholyGravelGreat American Ghost
Great CynicsGreenfield,Dave & J.J. BurnelGreyhaven
Grief TouristGrinder, ScrotumGrit, The
Gruppo SportivoGuided By VoicesGundog,Mighty Mr Men
Guns For HireGunslingers, TheGutless
Guttersnipes, TheGuzzardGymslips, The
H2OHagar The WombHagen, Nina
Haggard CatHair, TheHalf Japanese
Hammer, ClawHandgunsHank III
Hannaway, Frank & Barclay, MicHappy Ever AfterHard Left
HardsideHarkerHarms Way
Harper, CharlieHause, DaveHaust
Havana 3amHave HeartHave Mercy
Hawks And DovesHe SaidHead, The
Headache (Punk)Headon, TopperHeartbeats, The
HeartlessHeaven In Her ArmsHeavy Puke
HeiressHeirophantHell, Richard & Voidoids
Hello!, Hey!HelplessHer Only Presence
HeresyHeroinHesitation Wounds
HessianHidden In Plain ViewHigher, The
Highliners, TheHigsons, TheHindsights
HIRSHit The LightsHitmakers, The
Hoax, TheHoliday, KillHolly And The Italians
Holy RollersHomeless Gospel Choir, TheHonour Among Thieves
HoolapopperHoot McKlootHope Conspiracy, The
HorrorcomicHorse The BandHorsell Common
HostilitiesHot CrossHot Water
Hotelier, TheHoundsHoward Devoto
Human EyeHumanifestoHummingbird Of Death
Humpers, TheHundredthHunter Gatherer
Hunters Club, TheHussey, WayneHXXS
Hyena Kill, TheHystericsI Hate Myself
I Jog & The TracksuitsI PrevailI'm So Hollow
I.R., KurbitsIceburnIcon For Hire
Icons Of FilthIdle FlowersIdol, Billy
Idols, The (Jerry Nolan)Iggy PopIgnerents, The
Igor's Night OffImperial Pompadours, TheIncendiary
Incredible Kidda Band, TheIndian Summer (Punk)Infa Riot
InfestIngrownInk & Dagger
Inmates, TheInner City UnitInsect Warfare
Inside OutIntegrityIntelligence, The
Intense DegreeInternational Swingers, TheInto Another
Intruder, MaskedInvaders, The (Punk)Isotope Soap
IssuesIsterismoIvy League TX
JacnoJah WobbleJailcell Recipes
Jam TheJames Chance & The ContortionsJames Cleaver Quintet, The
James, BrianJane Aire & The BelvederesJapandroids
JawbreakerJaya The CatJejune
Jellyroll Rockheads, TheJerksJerks, Circle
Jermz, TheJesse JamesJesus Christ Super Fly
Jesus PieceJet Boys, TheJet Bronx & The Forbidden
Jets (Punk), TheJezebelleJilted John
Jimmy And The BoysJimmy Edwards And The ProfileJobson, Richard
Joe 9T And The ThunderbirdsJoe Cool And The KillersJoe, Janitor
Johansen, DavidJohn The PostmanJohnny And The Self Abusers
Johnny Curious & The StrangersJohnny Thunders HeartbreakersJoie De Vivre
Joke, PistolJoltJolt
Jon Cougar Concentration CampJones, JanieJones, Steve
Josef KJoshua (US)Josie, Cotton
Joyce ManorJoyce McKinney ExperienceJoyryde
Jr EwingJuice (Pop Punk)Jump, The
JunctionJune PaikJunior
JuntessJust Measurers, TheJustice (Punk)
KaaosKaddishKadet, Terveet
Kamikaze Sex Pilots, TheKaospilotKatastrofialue
Kerekes, MatKevin Short And His PrivatesKickstarts
Kid DynamiteKid KapichiKids In The Kitchen
Kids, Jerry'sKids, TheKidz Next Door
Kilburn & The High RoadsKill Your IdolsKilled By The Bull
Killer DreamerKillermeters, TheKilling Joke
Killing TimeKilljoys, TheKilowatt, Kid
King Blues, TheKing Snake RoostKing, Don
KingpinKinison, TheKissed Air
Knocked LooseKnoxKnox, Chris
Knuckle PuckKnuckledustKohti Tuhoa
KojiKolonna, ViimeinenKong
Koreans, TheKortatuKramer, Wayne
Kreuzen, DieKrunkKrypton Tunes
L VoagL.O.K.La Crème, Cathy
La PesteLa PlebeLagwagon
LandmarksLandscapesLane, Fred
LardLarks, TheLast Drive, The
Last RitesLast WitnessLast Words, The
LattermanLaukausLe Ritz
League, MajorLeatherfaceLeeched
Left AloneLeft Hand DriveLegacy Of Lies
Legion HallLegionnaire, YoungLemons, The
LemuriaLeon, CraigLeonard, Kiran
Les Enfants TerriblesLess Than JakeLetters Organize, The
Levene, KeithLew Lewis ReformerLewd, The
Leyton Buzzards, TheLibertyLiberty Independence Freedom Equality
Licks (Punk), TheLife At These SpeedsLife Like
Life SentenceLife, LowLifesick
Lifetime (90s)Lightning RaidersLigotage
Like PacificLikvidation, ModeratLiliput
Limit (70s), TheLinda And The DarkLipstique, Red
LizardLlaethog, LlwybrLoathe
Local OperatorLockjawLondon
Lonely The BraveLong Cold StareLong Tall Shorty
Look Back And LaughLOOMLords Of Altamont, The
Lords Of The New Church, TheLos GusanosLost Cherrees
Lost Patrol Band, TheLounge Lizards, TheLove Spit Love
Love, BurningLovemongersLoveslug
Lowe, NickLoyalties, TheLSD
LuicidalLulu, TeasingLunachicks
Lunatics Without Skateboards ILurkers, TheLuxuria
Lwin, AnnabellaLydon, JohnM.D.C.
Macabra, ForçaMacc LadsMacGowan, Shane
Machine Gun KellyMachinesMacManus Gang
Mad DaddysMadballMagazine
Magic MichaelMaid Of AceMajor Accident
Majority Of OneMake Do And MendMake War
Make-Up, TheMakerMAL-ONE
MaleMama TickMammoth Grinder
Man OverboardMan RazeManeaters
Manufactured RomanceMarch Of AngerMarginal Man
Marie Et Les GarconsMarky Ramone & The IntrudersMars
Martian Dance Martin And The BrownshirtsMartini Henry Rifles, The
Mass (Punk)Matches, TheMatlock, Glen
Matter, GrayMatthew Sawyer And The GhostsMax Splodge
Maximum Effect, TheMcDonald, JockMcLaren, Malcolm
MDCMe First And The Gimme GimmesMeatfly
Meathooks, TheMeet Me At The PubMeices, The
MembranesMen (Punk)Men (US), The
MenaceMenzingers, TheMercury Program, The
Mercy Seat, TheMerry Widows, TheeMest
Metal UrbainMetalik, BananeMetz
Mi-SexMiddle Class, TheMidnight Men
Midnite CruiserMidoriMidtown
MielenhäiriöMighty Ballistics Hi-PowerMighty Caesars, Thee
Mildred And The MiceMilk Monitors, TheMilk Teeth
MillencolinMiller, LarryMilton, Ted
Mind, IronMindless Self IndulgenceMinor Threat
MirrorsMirrors (UK Punk), TheMisanthropic
MisfitsMiss VincentMiyagi, Mr.
Mob (Punk), TheMob ResearchModel, New
Models (Punk)Modern BaseballModern Eon
Molesters, TheMollestersMolten
Mongol HordeMongoloids, TheMonks, The
Mono MenMonochrome Set, TheMonotony
Month Of SundaysMoondogs, TheMoonlizards
Moose BloodMoped, JohnnyMorality, New
More Than LifeMotors, TheMouth [Punk]
MoveMoving Jelly Brothers, TheMPs
MumpsMuncie GirlsMurder Inc [Oi!]
Murderburgers, TheMurphy's LawMurray, Pauline
MutantsMutants, TheMutation
MuteMXPXMy So Called Life
Mystery DatesMystery Girls, TheMyteri
NailsNaked RaygunNancy Sesay And The Melodaires
Napalm Stars Nariz, WazmoNasty Facts
NatchbandNations AfireNautyculture
Naz Nomad & The NightmaresNeck DeepNecrorrosion
NegazioneNeoNeo Cons
NeonNeon ChristNeon Hearts
Nerds, TheNerf HerderNervebreakers
Nerves (UK), TheNerves, TheNervous Eaters
New CrossNew MathNew Musical Express
New Order, TheNew York Blondes, TheNew York Dolls
Newman, ColinNewtown NeuroticsNice And Easy
Nicky & The DotsNile, WillieNinja High School
Nipple ErectorsNipsNits
Nits, TheNixon, MojoNo Babies
No ChoiceNo DevotionNo For An Answer
No Future?No Sweat (Clive Culbertson)No Use For A Name
Noose RotNosebleeds, TheNots
NotsensiblesNova, PaulNovember Coming Fire
Now, TheNoxiousNull & Void
Nuns, TheNurse With WoundO Level
O'Connor, HazelO'Sullivan, DanielO.Children
OathbreakerObey The BraveOcean, Humphrey
October, GeneOf Mice & MenOff With Their Heads
Official Secrets, TheOi PolloiOizone
Okkultokrati Old Man GloomOmega Tribe
One Lady OwnerOne Way SystemOnelinedrawing
Only OnesOnly, JerryOpen Book
Operation IvyOpus DeadOrwells, The
Otway & BarrettOuida & The NumbersOutcasts
OutoOutsiders (Punk), TheOverexposure
Overlord (Punk)Owls, FewerOxy And The Morons
Pack, The (Punk)Pagans, ThePalisades
Palm ReaderPansy DivisionParamedic Squad, The
ParasitParasiteParasites, The
PariahParkinsons, TheParquet Courts
Partisans, ThePassengers, ThePathetix, The
Pavilion, PercyPayola$Pearl Harbour
Pecadores, LosPenetrationPenetration Moon
Penetrators (Punk), ThePenny Rimbaud & YouthPere Ubu
Performing Ferret BandPerikatoPeriod Pains
Perrett, PeterPerry, MarkPete Stride & John Plain
Peter & The Test Tube BabiesPetrificationPhantom Chords
Phantoms Of The SSPhillip H. Anselmo & The IllegalsPhotogenix
Photos, ThePhysicalsPianos Become The Teeth
PiebaldPierce The VeilPig
Pig DestroyerPigbrosPigs, The
Pinhead GunpowderPink IndustryPink Teens
Pinns, SuziPissed JeansPlague, The
Plain White T'sPlasmaticsPlastic Flies, The
Plastic SurgeryPlaygroundPleasers
Plimsouls, ThePlugs, ThePogues
Poison GirlsPoison IdeaPolar Bear Club
Polaris (Metal)Ponys, ThePooh Sticks
Pop Group, thePop Rivets, ThePopdefect
PorkPork Dukes, ThePortrayal Of Guilt
Positive SignalsPower TripPowerspace
PowertripPrag VecpragVEC
Prats, ThePretty Boy Floyd (Punk)Pride Of The Cross
Primitive CalculatorsPriscillas, TheProfessionals, The
ProlesPropagandhiProphets, False
ProtafieldProtesta, VocoProtex
ProtomartyrPseudo ExistorsPSI Com
Psychedelic Furs, ThePsycho SurgeonsPsychotic Youth
Psykik VoltsPujolPukes, The
PupPure HellPure Rubbish
Purple HelmetsPursey, JimmyPush To Fire
Pussy, NashvillePVC2PWR BTTM
PX, LondonQuadrajets, TheQuality Drivel
QuarantineQueers, TheQueers, The
QuestionsRabidRadar Eyes
Radiators From Space, TheRadical Dance FactionRadio Active
Radio StarsRadkeyRaein
Rage, TheRaised FistRamainz The
Ramblin Johnny Stomach PumpRambow, PhilipRamone, Dee Dee
Ramone, JoeyRamonesRampage, Randy
Random, EricRandomsRank And File
RaooulRapedRaptor, Max
Rapture, DioRat CageRatos De Porao
RattusRaydios, TheRays, Sugar
Reading Festival, TheReagan YouthReal Friends
Real Kids, TheRealists, TheReaper, White
Reasons, ToxicRebekka Frame, TheRecord Players, The
Red AlertRed Alert (Oi! Band)Red Beat
Red RockersRedemption 87Redskins
Reduction, NoiseRefusedRegents, The
Reid, JamieReign SupremeReilly, Vini
Relatives TheReliefRema-Rema
RenouncedRepetitionReps, The
ResistanceResistance 77Resort, Last
Rest In PiecesRev, MartinRevelons
Reverend And The MakersReverend Horton HeatRevillos, The
Revl9nRex Barker And The RicochetsRex Chainbelt
Rezillos, TheRich Kids On LSDRich Rags
Riff Raff (Punk)Rights Of The AccusedRiistetyt
Rings, TheRingwormRipcord
Rise From The DeadRise, TheRiskee And The Ridicule
Rival Mob, TheRivals, TheRivvits, The
Road To KansasRochdale Fairies, TheRock, Mick
Rocket From The TombsRocket Summer, TheRockpile
Rockstar, FailingRocky VotolatoRodan
Romeo VoidRosa ValleRosenstock, Jeff
Roses Are RedRotters, TheRotting Out
Rough HandsRousers, TheRövsvett
Rowdies, TheRubbish, JonnyRubella Ballet
Rubella, KyraRude AwakeningRude Kids, The
Runts, TheRuptureRussians, The
Russo, SamRuts D.C.Ruts, The
RX BanditsRydellS'Haters, The
S.C.U.MS.S.S.PSaccharine Trust
Sad SocietySaetiaSaint Agnes
Saints, TheSalad From AtlantisSalford Jets
Sally SkullSalmon, KimSalt
SamiamSamples, TheSatan's Rats
Saturday Morning PicturesSauna YouthSavages
Scabies, ratScabs (70S), TheScars
Schoolgirl BitchSchternScientists
Scissor FitsScissorfightScott, Jeff & Marc, Josef
ScreamScreamin' SirensScreaming Dead
Screeching WeaselScroungers, TheSearch, Soul
Second Coming, The (80s)SectSect, The
Sector 27Sed Non SatiataSeize, The
Sensible Gray CellsSeperation, TheSeptic Death
Serious DrinkingSet Your GoalsSetting The Woods On Fire
Settle Your ScoresSewer RatsSex Beatles
Sex PistolsShakeShake!, The
Shakes, FuneralSham 69Shapes, The
Sharkey, FeargalSheer TerrorShelley, Pete
ShelterShield Your EyesShirts, The
Shlönk!Shoes, TennisShooting Daggers
ShoppingShout, TheShow Me The Body
Shut, StapledShuttleworth, JohnShvpes
Sick JoySick Of It AllSick Things, The
Sievey, ChrisSightless PitSiglo XX
Sign Of HopeSilent FrontSilkworm
Singers & PlayersSinister DucksSink
SinolaSinyx, TheSiouxsie & The Banshees
SisterSister Double HappinessSisteray
SiviilimurhaSix Minute WarSixNationState
Skewbald / Grand UnionSki PatrolSkids
Skink, CrocodileSkinny ListerSkodas, The
SkrapyardSkrewdriverSkull, Live
SkunksSlammin' WatusisSlaughter & The Dogs
Slaughter Beach, DogSlaves (UK Band)Slaves (US)
Sleepers, TheSleeping With SirensSlim Cessna's Auto Club
SlimeSlime (German Punk)Slingshot Dakota
Slits, TheSlopeSlush
Sly, TonySmall Brown BikeSmirks, The
Smith Street Band, TheSmith, Jay (Artist)Smith, Mark E
Smith, PattiSmith, TVSnakefinger
SNFUSnipers, TheSnivelling Shits, The
Snodgrass, JonSo Much HateSobut
Social DistortionSocial DistortionSods (Danish)
Sods, TheSofa HeadSoft Pack, The
Softies, TheSome Chicken Sona Fariq
Sonic Disruption TheorySore Throat (Rock)Sorority Noise
SortoSoul On IceSound
Sound Of The Baskerville, TheSpaceships, BostonSpanish Love Songs
Spanks, TheSpazzSpeak 714
Spear Of DestinySpecial DutiesSpectral Voice
Spectres (80'S), TheSpeed (Punk)Speedometors
SpermbirdsSpielbergsSpitfire (US)
Spitfire BoysSpizzSplit Lip
SplodgenessaboundsSpook School, TheSpring, Landmine
Spys (UK)SquadSquare Meal
SquarewellSquidSt., Hazen
Stabilisers, TheStagnationStalin
Stalin, TheStand GT, TheStar Fucking Hipsters
Star StarStarjetsStarkweathers
StarmarketStarvation ArmyState Champs
State Of AlertStatic RoutinesSteding, Walter
StepStereotypes, TheSteve Conte & The Crazy Truth
Steven SeverinStevens, SteveStewart, Mark
Stick To Your GunsStick TogetherStiff Little Fingers
StiffedStill LifeStimulators
StitchStitched-Back Foot AirmanStoat, The
StokoeStone By StoneStooges, The
Stoopid, SlightlyStopouts, TheStormtrooper
Story So Far, TheStraight ArrowsStrange Movements
Strange PlanesStrangeways!STRANGL
StranglersStraps, TheStrawberry Slaughterhouse
StrifeStrikniën D.C.Strummer, Joe
StrutterStukasStupids, The
Styrene PolyStyrenes, TheSubhumans
SubsSubtitles, EnglishSuburban Studs
Subway SectSubway Sect, TheSuicide
Suicide Commandos, TheSuicide Machines, TheSuicide Silence
Summer Obsession, TheSupergeniusSuperstition
SupertonicSurprises, TheSurvival
Survival KnifeSwankysSweat, The
Sweet TeethSworn EnemySworn In
Sylvain SylvainSymposiumSystem (Punk), The
T.C. MaticT.S.O.L.Taake
Table ScrapsTable, TheTakaru
Take OffenseTake, TheTales OF Terror
Tanz Der YouthTargets, MovingTea Set, The
Teardrop Explodes, TheTeardrops, TheTearjerkers, The
Teddy And The Frat GirlsTeenage Cool KidsTeethgrinder
TelevisionTelevision PersonalitiesTempest, The
Temple, JulienTempleton PekTen Foot Pole
Tenpole TudorTerminals, TheTerminus
Texas Instruments, TheTexas Is The ReasonThatcher On Acid
The AlarmThe Bomb PartyThe Colonel
The Deadwood DevineThe FastThe Flex
THE GISTThe GreediesThe Imposter
The K9'sThe Last ResortThe Ripchords (Punk)
The Set UpThe ShiveringThe Stiffs
The SwarmThe TransmittersThe Unwanted
The War On DrugsTheatre Of HateThee Michelle Gun Elephant
Thee StashThelonious MonsterThem, Trap
Theoretical GirlsThink I CareThirty Six Strategies
Thirty3This Routine Is HellThis Time Next Year
THISCITYISOURSThiscloseThose Naughty Lumps
Thought Police, TheThreat, SowThree Wise Men
ThunderbitchTickets, TheTidal
Tights, TheTime UKTimelost
TimezoneTin HueyTiny Masters Of Today
Title FightTitsTokyo Sex Destruction
TomahawkTomorrow [US Punk]Tone Deaf & The Idiots
Too MuchTorch RunnerTorche
Total BabesTotal Noise AccordTotally Outta Hand Band, The
Totem SkinTotuusTours, The
Toy Dolls, The (70s)ToyahTrainspotters, The
TranslatorTrapped Under IceTrash (Punk)
Trash BoatTrash County DominatorsTrash Groove Girls
TraxTreatment (Rock)Treatment, Steve
Trend, NegativeTrophy EyesTrotsky Icepick
True Life ConfessionsTrue NorthTubes
TupamarosTurning Point Turnover
TV CrimeTwelve Hour TurnTyla Gang
Tyler, WatTymon Dogg & The DacoitsU Thant
U TurnU.B.R.U.K. Subs
U.S. ApeU.V. PopUK Decay
UlcerrhoeaUltra ViolentUltramantis Black
UndeadUndead, TheUnderdog
UndertonesUnearthUnited Nations (Punk)
Units, TheUproarUrge, The
Urinals, TheUrlaub, FarinUSA Nails
Users, TheUutuusUXB
V.I.P.'sV2Vagtazo Halottkemek
Valves, TheVamps, TheVandals, The
Vapors, TheVårVarious - Punk & New Wave
Varukers, TheVega, AlanVena Cava
Venom P. StingerVenus And The RazorbladesVenus, Commander
Verlaine, TomVerseVertebrats, The
VexVHK (Galloping Coroners)Vibrators
Vice Creems, TheVice SquadVicious White Kids, The
Vicious, SidVictimVictimize
Victims FamilyVictims, TheVideo (Punk)
Video VillainViletonesVincent, Sonny
Violation WoundViolatorsViolators, The
Viølence, SystemikViolet EvesVirgin
Virus (Punk)Visions Of ChangeVisitors, The
Viva L'American Death Ray MusiVoices, TheVoid, Body
Von SudenfedVon Trap Family, TheVoodoo Glow Skulls
Vultures (Dutch), TheWagon, ChuckWalk The Plank
Waltons, TheeWar ChargeWarhead
Warm GunWarmduscherWarriors (Dub), The
Warriors (Punk), TheWarsaw PaktWashdown, The
Wasps, TheWasted ShirtWasted Youth (US Hardcore Punk
Watt, MikeWAX HEROESWay, Gerard
Waybill, FeeWe Are Going To Eat YouWe Bless This Mess
We Came From WolvesWe Were SharksWee Cherubs, The
WeedeaterWeird WarWeirdos, The
Western HysteriaWestwood, VivenneWhat Price, Wonderland?
What To WearWhile She SleepsWhite Flag
White LungWhite, JamesWho Moved The Ground?
Whores.Williamson, JamesWindows (DIY)
Winter Passing, TheWipersWipers, The
WireWitch FeverWitch Vomit
With HonorWolf DownWolfbrigade
Wolfmen, TheWonder Years, TheWonk Unit
WordbugWorld Is A Beautiful Place, TheWorld Weary
Worn OutWorship, SunWrathchild
Wreckless EricWretchedWrist, Teenage
XX (Australian)X Certificate
X-Ray SpexX-Rays, TheX.S. Energy
XTCXtractXtreme, The
Y Trwynau CochYaphet KottoYDI
YigyuzeYobs, TheYou Blew It!
You Slut!Young And In The WayYoung Governor
Young Rochelles, TheYour DemiseYouth Of Today
Yr AnhrefnZanti MisfitzZebrahead
Zeltinger BandZero BoysZeros (UK), The
Zig ZagsZimtZippers, The

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